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To avoid returning to this page again and again, please read the entire page.

Your form had been submitted. To download TwistedPixel v0.95, click here (~230K)

To save on the download time, the TwistedPixel software release no longer includes the Online Programmers Reference Guide. To download the latest TwistedPixel Online Programmers Reference Guide, click here. Last updated 2/15/1998

The following file formats are now supported as external DLLs:
Iterated FIFIterated Logo
Portable Bitmap format: PBM, PGM, PPM


To successfully register TwistedPixel OCX on your machine you will need the MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL libraries. TwistedPixel OCX was developed against these libraries and they HAVE TO to be present on your machine. You may also need CTL3D32.DLL. To download these libraries, click here.

Use WINZIP or any other unzipping utility which supports long filenames to unzip the files. Don't forget to run regsvr32.exe to register TwistedPixel on your system.

And finally,

please remember that TwistedPixel is a shareware effort. Help us by registering the software. Please visit and buy from our WEB business affiliates.

Thank you!

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