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Alex Lerner
29 Engle Rd
Paramus, NJ, 07652
(201) 265-6443

Microsoft Certified Product Specialist

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Windows NT 4.0/Visual_C++, COM, ASP, MTS, Java
Developing Windows applications since 1987.
Attended Java class taught by Sun Educational Services.

Excellent knowledge of
MS Visual C++, MFC, raw COM, ATL, ActiveX and Active Server Pages technologies.

Merrill Lynch Global Program Trading Group, NY, NY Feb 1999 - present
Responsible for the support and enhancement of a multi- threaded Application Server used to provide central Sybase connectivity for Merrill Lynch Global Portfolio Trading desks located around the world. Server business functionality includes Order Allocation, New Order List, Basket Busts, etc. The app server is a Windows NT Service and is based on the ATL framework. Client connectivity is provided through raw sockets (Winsock). Other App Server functionality includes database connection pooling and FIX protocol implementation. (VC++ 6.0/DBLIB)
Designed and implemented a complete "proof of concept" prototype demonstrating a 3 tier architecture approach using Microsoft Internet Explorer - Portfolio Loader ActiveX – Corba server middle tier – DBLIB/Sybase connection back end. Implemented all tiers of the prototype:

  • Implemented Portfolio Loader ActiveX control using Stingray Objective Grid Pro (VC++ 6.0/ATL)

  • implemented asynchronous multi-threaded Corba server (Inprise/ Visigenic v3.3) providing data caching and database connection pooling. Used Roguewave Tools++ and DBLIB. (VC++6.0)

Implemented a stateless asynchronous multi-threaded COM/Corba bridge ActiveX component connecting Visual Basic clients and Corba (Inprise/Visigenic v3.3) server. (raw COM/VC++6.0/ATL)
Created a figuration engine ActiveX component (VC++6.0/ATL) by porting GNU bc calculator source code to Windows NT environment
Provided ongoing trading floor support for the Global Portfolio Trading desk. Developed custom post-trade VB reports per client specifications (VB5/Formula1 ActiveX/ODBC/RDO).

Lehman Brothers Global Program Trading Group, NY, NY Feb 1996 - Feb 1999
Used Visual C++ 5.0 and COM technologies to implement various projects requested by the users:

- Team member responsible for the design, development and implementation of 3-tier architecture applications in Windows NT / Unix environments. Implemented Execution Order Entry and Retrieval, Portfolio Loader and Security Master applications used by Lehman Program Trading team. Used Winsock (TCP/IP) to provide communication with Unix servers. Provided application support on the trading floor. (VC++5.0/Objective Grid/TCP_IP)
- Ported Equity Derivatives financial library from SunOS to Windows NT. Wrapped the library as a XLL DLL to allow access from Microsoft Excel. Provided user training and assistance in DLL usage and further modification. Implemented a COM wrapper for the library to allow easy access from VB and VC++.
- Implemented WOSA XRT 32 bit OLE server and client components to provide live data feed from Reuters Data service to Microsoft Excel.
- Implemented numerous ActiveX controls and ATL based binary components.
-Assisted other groups at Lehman with NT/COM/ATL/C++ expertise.

Bankers Trust, NY, NY July 1994 - Feb 1996
Senior Developer and Architect
A member of a 6 person development team responsible for the design and development of Windows NT 3.51 based Client/Server Debugger used for Sybase Tabular Data stream analysis. The program incorporated a full featured TCP/IP and Novell IPX LAN analyzer with capabilities of displaying application layer messages as API calls. Personally responsible for the design and implementation of the user interface and various Windows OLE COM objects. Implemented custom and standard OLE interfaces.

Visual C++ 4.0, Windows NT 3.51

Designed and developed a Point to Point Protocol (PPP) dialer DLL for unattended connection to the bank's remote access utility using FTP PCTCP OnNet SDK.
Visual C++ 1.52, Windows 3.1

Developed HTML WEB pages and modified existing Java applets.

INSCI, Inc., White Plains, NY Feb. 1994 - July 1994, June 1991 - June 1992
Solely responsible for the design and implementation of a Windows Text and Image Retrieval Workstation which retrieves documents from an optical disk jukebox attached to a UNIX server on the network. The communication layer was implemented using 3rd party TCP/IP for Windows libraries: Netmanage Chameleon, FTP TCP/IP, Novell LAN Workplace, MS LAN Manager and Wollongong Pathway.
Team member responsible for the design and implementation of a Windows Scan Workstation. Both products were released on schedule and are currently being sold. Kofax Imaging Libraries, MS Visual C++/MFC/Windows 3.1 SDK development environment.

NCR Inc., Network Division, Lincroft, NJ June 1992 - Feb. 1994
A member of a 3 person development team responsible for the design and development of network management workstation software used to manage intelligent network devices manufactured by NCR. The product was released on schedule and is currently being sold. MS Visual C++/Windows 3.1 SDK development environment. Ported the finished product to HP OpenView platform.

Timeplex, Inc., Woodcliff Lakes, NJ October 1990 - June 1991
A member of a 2 person development team responsible for building a software simulator of "T1 private networks" communications hardware built by Timeplex. The capabilities of the product include alarm generation, creation of network nodes, network upload/download, datalink and channel creation. The simulator was developed using CNS C_talk Views (a hybrid of Smalltalk and C) and Windows 3.0 SDK. Personally responsible for all aspects of the design and implementation of the User Interface and Intertask Communication (DDE) portions of the project. MS C 6.0/Windows 3.0 environment. The product was released on schedule.

AT&T Information Systems, Red Hill, NJ April 1990 - October 1990
Accumaster Bandwidth Management System
A member of a 2 person development team responsible for the design and coding of a Windows 3.0 workstation used to setup and configure T1 line networks. The capabilities of the product include channel creation and tracing, circuit tracing, alarm handling, extensive report generation. Windows 3.0 SDK/MS C 6.0

Crosfield Composition Systems, West Nyack, NY May 1987 - April 1990
Software Engineer/Project Leader
Managed a four-person software team responsible for design and coding of the state of the art newspaper applications under OS/2 Presentation Manager/MS C5.1 environment. The product included a WYSIWYG editor, File Manager of the newspaper stories stored in Sybase database on a VAX, and Desktop Manager. Personally responsible for the internals of the editor, integration of spell checker and thesaurus engines into the editor, Intertask Communication (DDE) between modules, and integration portions of the entire project.

Laser Data, Inc., Tyngsboro, Mass freelance project, 1989
Designed and developed a Windows 2.1 prototype of a DDE image server to be used as the heart of a series of products for CD based document image retrieval system. The features included communicating with proprietary graphics compression/decompression board, support of multiple DDE clients, display of bitmaps over 1MB in size.

Publishing Technology, Inc. (Colorstone), Fort Lee, NJ April 1986 - May 1987
Developed new conversion programs to output combined text and high resolution images for magazine quality color printing. Developed file format converters for Scitex Response/250 and Response/300, Hell Chromacom, Digital Data Exchange Specification format, and contone to tape (CT2T) format. Began working with MS-Windows SDK. Extensive customer contact.

AT&T IS, Software Certification Group, Freehold, NJ October 1985 - April 1986
A team member responsible for the development and implementation of certification standards of third party software to insure AT&T quality standards. Among software tested were Informix-4GL and Informix C-ISAM file accessing method. Developed a complete test suite of programs for every documented Informix-4GL and C-ISAM function under UNIX System V/C environment.

Perkin-Elmer, Data Systems Division, Tinton Falls, NJ June 1984 - October 1985
Debugged, modified, and ported Fortran77 source code of graphics software packages from VAX to Perkin-Elmer workstation running under UNIX System III environment. Debugged Fortran77 F7D compiler written in Perkin-Elmer assembly language.

Fordham Graduate School of Business, New York, NY
Attended 9 courses towards Master of Business Administration degree majoring in Quantitative Analysis.

Polytechnic Institute of New York, Brooklyn, NY
Attended 6 courses towards Master of Computer Science degree

Polytechnic Institute of New York, Brooklyn, NY
Bachelor of Science, May 1984
Major in Computer Science. Minor in Management.


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